"Expedition Leaders and its organiser, Puran, are a very rare find: experienced enough to make sure everything goes smoothly on your trip, but still genuinely thrilled to share his country"

Neil Stourton - Teacher

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15 Years’ Experience in India & The Himalayas

Expedition Leaders is a British-based company with 15 years’ experience providing inspiring tailor-made adventures for Schools and Independent Travellers in India & The Himalayas.

Welcome from
our Founder Director, Puran

Trekking | Community Projects | Indian Culture

We provide our Travellers with a unique opportunity for adventure, discovery and challenge, combining the joys of trekking in The Himalayas with the chance to work with, and benefit, local communities as well as visiting some of India’s most famous cultural landmarks.

We grew up in The Himalayas

Our Founder Director and our Indian Operations Team have a unique understanding of the terrain, climate, the local people and the best places to visit. So we can tailor an adventure for you that is richer, safer and more memorable. We believe that our knowledge of the local area and the long-standing relationships with many Himalayan Communities is what makes our expeditions special.

Local Knowledge and Resources

We have a fully trained and English-speaking team in Northern India that supports all our expeditions and will help you in getting the most from your adventure. We are professionals with our own equipment and local infrastructure.

Sustainable Adventures

A key element of our expeditions is introducing you to the remote peoples and environment of the fragile Himalayas. Having grown up within those communities ourselves, we are keen to protect and ensure the longevity of our environment.