" How exhilarating is the atmosphere of India!  There cannot be a better teacher than the way of life of its people. "

Michael Wood, Author ‘The Story of India

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Namaste and Hello!

India is a place that everyone should visit at least once. Many will be familiar with India’s sheer size; the second biggest population at 1.2 billion; the third largest economy and the biggest democracy on earth.

But there’s much more to it…a colourful countryside, a vibrant culture, interesting and engaging people and fascinating cultural sites. It simply has to be on everyone’s list! India & The Himalayas is also home to a huge variety of languages, religious beliefs, historical, architectural & archaeological treasures: an area influenced by many over the centuries, including the British Raj.

The Himalayas is an area of mighty mountains dotted with hill stations and temples. There are diverse communities living by the melted glacier water on the banks of Holy rivers. It is a truly remarkable and inspiring place.

We have been providing inspiring trips to India & The Himalayas for 15 years - we take you to places other providers don’t know about; we provide experiences that only we have the local connections to be able to offer.

Whether you’re in a School party or an Independent Traveller, we our combined experience to design a highly personalised and unique trip. This is why many of our Travellers come back to us

Trekking | Community Projects | Indian Culture

Each of our expeditions is unique and your ideas are always the starting point. Travellers usually build an itinerary from one or more activities: Trekking, Community Projects and Cultural Visits. Our expeditions vary in length, but are usually between 10 days and 3 weeks.

A Rewarding Destination

Travelling in India has to be one of the most rewarding experiences: challenging everyday pre-conceptions of the wider world, giving Travellers the chance to question Western values and to reflect on this in their wider lives.  

Teachers on our school expeditions trips tell us that a visit to India & The Himalayas provides months’ worth of useful teaching material and discussion: both before the adventure and afterwards!  

Travelling with us, you will experience remote areas, learn first-hand about people of the cultures, traditions, simple living and values of age-old hospitality and generosity.

Join us to experience a life-changing experience of the real India & The Himalayas.