There were two parts to the Community Project undertaken by Students from The John Hampton School during their expedition to Northern India.

Ladakh Community Irrigation Project

Much of this higher-altitude area of the Himalayas can be quite dry and this makes growing crops and vegetables unreliable. A Project was planned that would connect existing water channels and a water line through a series of new plastic pipes to the fields close to the village of Ayu that needed to be irrigated.

The Students worked hard and, despite the high altitude and difficult local conditions, managed to extend the water system to the fields. The village population were extremely grateful and happy. The project ended with willow trees being planted and the new ground would also suit a range of crops and vegetables. Students were rewarded with local Himalayan hospitality and some cultural experiences.

Ayu Primary School Playground Improvements

This Project was followed by involvement in teaching at the local Government Primary School in Ayu, where Students helped local children improvements to the playground and its fencing, as well as involvement in the classroom in teaching English and painting.