" We have been very privileged to have Payare Lal with us throughout the trip – he has worked unfailingly hard to answer our queries and provide us with all our needs, often going beyond what I would consider to be the call of duty.  We are all extremely grateful for his expert assistance. The whole of the project and trek phases of the Kings School Chester’s expedition has been very well planned and staffed. "

Dave Payne – Teacher

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Experiences and Skills to Last a Lifetime

Heads, Teachers and Parents all understand that education is much wider than the classroom but in a busy academic programme, it’s sometimes difficult to for Students to broaden their perspective.

School expeditions are different … 

Leadership Programme

Our many years of experience in taking Students to India & The Himalayas means we understand that what Teachers, Students and their Parents need is a bit different...

Safety is paramount

Our expeditions are often in demanding terrain and changing weather – so we plan meticulously and have detailed contingency plans in place. We brief Teachers and Students on what to expect and engage with Parents to build confidence in what’s involved.  

We have helped thousands of Travellers in experiencing an adventure of a lifetime. We believe our local knowledge, the quality of our well-trained and local field team and our experience is key to running safe trips that are also fun.


Making it Easy for Teachers

 Our expeditions should be fun from the start for Students and Teachers! So, our aim is always to make it easy for Teachers to plan and prepare for one of our expeditions. Once the expedition planning is well underway, we will visit your School to finalise preparations and be on hand to support the Teachers involved.
Making it Easy for Teachers

Exciting, Fun and Memorable!

Have a look at one of our Expedition Stories to see what our Travellers said
Cheltenham Ladies College Expedition
Our Story

Much More than just a Holiday!

Teachers and Parents can be reassured that we focus on providing opportunities for Students to learn and develop. We do this through involvement in physical challenges and cultural experiences that support development of the individual outside the confines of the classroom. Travel in India & The Himalayas provides a totally new and challenging environment for most. Students often develop a maturity, self confidence and independence that supports and shapes them in later life, whether it’s university or employment.

With Teachers and Students, we build challenging, exciting and interesting expeditions that focus on both the individual and the team. We want Students to have fun and lasting memories of their expedition long after the immediate buzz of the trip, the sharing of ‘selfies’ and social media chat has dried up!

Sustainable Adventures for the Next Generation

We’ve also found that the Students we travel with are very aware of how quickly the world is changing and want to be part of that change.

The truly sustainable activities we organise give Students a chance to do exactly that: to get involved in small, short-term Community Projects that make a big difference.

Please give us a call today to book your talk or to discuss your ideas about how Expedition Leaders could help your Students to benefit from a life-changing expedition.

Getting Started…

Most School expeditions start with a 1-hour evening multimedia talk at your School with Teachers and Students, on Indian and Himalayan topics that support curriculum learning.

Building Your Expedition

Travellers usually build an expedition from one or more activities: Trekking, Community Projects and Cultural Sites. Our expeditions vary in length, but are usually between 10 days and 3 weeks. Have a look at a few of these itineraries to get you started…

Where & When to Go

Build your expedition with one or more activities

Trekking Itineraries  

Community Projects

Cultural Experiences