A great start to Your Adventure…

Most school expeditions start with a multimedia talk at your School with Teachers and Students, on Indian and Himalayan topics that support curriculum learning. The talks are usually run in the early evening and take half an hour, with time for informal questions and discussion afterwards.

Linking to the Curriculum

We work with Teachers to provide Students with a useful introduction to one or more topics such as Indian Culture, Geography, Religion, History or Sustainable Himalayan Lifestyles. These talks are usually given by our Founder Director, Puran, who grew up in the areas and taught at a Iocal school.

Puran will bring it all to life for you by sharing some inspiring and fascinating insights into this hidden part of the world. Puran is the author of ‘The Himalayan Bond’ A Journey to Explore the Sustainable Ways on the Edge of Extinction that is soon to be published.

We’ll also give you an introduction to the some of the Trekking,Cultural and Community Projects that you might want to get involved in if you decide to plan your own expedition.

From November 2014 through to the end of January 2015, we are offering these Talks free.

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