Spiti Valley & Himalayan Culture
6 Days, up to 4,700M

Trek Overview

Spiti is a high-altitude paradise for trekkers and passes in and out of the Spiti valley provide access to the neighbouring areas of Ladakh, Kinnaur, Kullu and Lahaul. Whilst providing demanding trekking, this route captures the true essence of the high Himalayas, travelling through remote and pristine country on long-forgotten trails.

When is it good to Go?

Spiti is almost always dry and so is the perfect destination during the area’s monsoon period. Evenings and mornings can be quite cold, but during the day the sun is usually hot.

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Trek Fact file:
Expedition Duration: 6 days
Maximum Height: 4700m
Trekking type: High Altitude
Degree of Difficulty: Strenuous

1 Travel to Tabo Monastery (996AD). Trek to Nako Lake (2hrs) Travel & Trekking
2 Travel to Shichling and trek to Lalung (4hrs) 4000m Trekking
3 Trek from Lalung village to Demool (3.5hrs) 4700m Trekking
4 Trek from Demool village on Monastery Trek (6hrs) 4600m Trekking
5 Trek from Comic to Langza village (5.5hrs) 4300m Trekking
6 Trek from Langza to Kaza town (5hrs) 3600m Trekking & Travel

Trek Highlights

As you pass through the foothills and the Satluj River valley to Kinnaur, hidden villages unfold. This area is rich in Himalyan culture and the livelihoods of the locals are evident here.

After seeing colourful Buddhist monasteries from the 8th century, you will get a sense of the immensity of the Himalayas as you cast across to the high desert Himalayas – an area cut off by snow for 6 months a year and with peaks of more than 6000m.

This trek goes from village to village and there is a chance to visit schools and local families on the way as we pass their villages and fields. Often we have lunches or picnics in their authentic kitchens. It gives Travellers an special opportunity to immerse themselves in the authentic and rich regional culture of the Tabo, Dankar, Lalung and Langza in an area referred to as ‘Mini Tibet’.

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